Thursday 30 June 2011

Still On Jagr Watch

Paul Kariya Retires

Sadly after only printing five TTM cards the ink in my printer was sucked dry.  So there's going to be a slight hold on any new additions to my collection.  I was really hoping to send 3-5 out a week! 

In other news, one of my all-time favorite players decided to hang up the skates - Paul Kariya.  He made his announcement yesterday after missing the 2010-11 NHL season due to a concussion suffered at the hands of Sabres Patrick Kaleta in 2009.

Kariya is an example of how poorly the league handled concussions over the years.  In the 2003 playoffs after an open-ice hit left him lying on the ice motionless, Kariya returned later in the game and score a goal forcing a Game 7 (which his team would lose).

His production was incredible and makes a case for the Hall of Fame.  Kariya finished with 989 points in 989 games; just 11 shy of the 1000 point plateau.

I wish it was possible to TTM Kariya!  But I wasn't able to find much of anything online in regards to success.  I guess since he is going to be out of the game for now it will be even more difficult to get some snail mail his way.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

Guy Lafleur + Michael Ryder Sendoffs

My second lot of TTMs were mailed earlier this evening.I had designed a card for Michael Ryder as part of a Hometown Hereos set that I plan on making, featuring a few custom cards from Newfoundland born players.  I just hope that the players are just as eager to sign my cards as I am to make theem! I would really like to get this card back; I think it looks great; front and back.

The other card was customed for Mr. Guy Lafleur.  One of the greatest players of all-time!  I was able to catch a tribute video while visiting the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto recently and it just blew my mind!  Since then, Guy Lafleur has been on my mind and I was stoked to make this trading card.  I love the image that I used for the back, check it out!

Monday 27 June 2011

My First Send Off

Now that Canada Post is going back to work, I can finally send out my first few TTMs that I had made over the past couple of days!

Don Cherry, Theoren Fleury and Carey Price.  Love how all of these cards came out; no complaints really, just the way I had imagined.  They were kinda hard to let go - It's almost like sending them off to war, knowing full well that there`s a chance that I may never see them again.  But that whole gamble makes it a little more exciting and I bet the experience is that much more sweeter when you receive a response.

Thursday 23 June 2011

Cardboard Collection: Marc-Andre Fleury Custom Trading Card

Finished my first custom trading card that I plan on making for my NHL2K11 dynasty.  I think it looks okay!  I love this photograph and I think it belongs on a card.

Stats aren't stated on the back just yet because the season has not finished.

Jagr talks with Lemieux

Lot's of Jagr talk.  Hope things work out!

Tuesday 21 June 2011

Homegrown Ryane Clowe and Danny Cleary

Just a small section I found in The Hockey News about two or three weeks ago (whenever San Jose and Detroit were facing off in the playoffs) that caught my eye and so I decided to scan.  Always nice to see the boys from the Rock given a little attention outside of the province; even if it is in the form of a 5 x 7 inch photo with a caption underneath about how Clowe will be marrying Cleary's third-cousin this summer.

Monday 20 June 2011

Jaromir Jagr Possible Return To The Igloo

According to the Internet, the rumor mill is still churning about the possible return of Jaromir Jagr to the NHL - or even better, to the Pittsburg Penguins.

I would love to see Jagr back in action wearing the yellow, black + white, playing alongside Crosby or Malkin.  I don't see it happening but it would be nice.  It's reported that Jagr has also shown interest in other teams such as Detroit and the New York Rangers.  Nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Saturday 18 June 2011

2005-06 Sidney Crosby Upper Deck Phenomenal Beginning

Found a set (20) of these Sidney Crosby cards by Upper Deck at a Value Village.  All Crosby cards from his first year.  Here are my three favorites.

Friday 17 June 2011

Favorite Cards: 1996-97 Kraft Hockey Mascots Teemu Selanne & Wild Wing

I cut this out from a Jell-o box years ago.  One of my favorite all-time players and one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoon shows on the same card, hugging it out! 

Thursday 16 June 2011

2009-2010 Upper Deck Artifacts

I bought a retail box of 09/10 Upper Deck Hockey Artifacts after picking up a couple of packs from the latest series earlier today.  It was 55% off!  I love buying discounted boxes.  Here is a run down on about two packs that I opened, I'll post the rest later ...

Ryan Getzlaf.  Don't really like this guy and I don't know why.

David Booth. Pre-concussion.

Patrick Kane. USAs current superstar; not a big fan of Kane either but he's definitely on the road to a bright future.

2010-11 Upper Deck Artifacts Hockey

Rainy day purchase from the hobby store.  Wanted to try my luck on these cards, a ton of nice looking inserts and I really like the look of the base cards.  I saw a few really great player combos that I wanted to see if I could get my hands on a something like that.

Roberto Luongo. I had a feeling I would get this card for soon reason, as it was the only base I remember seeing online from yesterday.

Jarome Iginla. Nice looking card in my opinion!

Dustin Penner.

2010-11 Upper Deck Biography Of A Season

Received these cards for buying a couple packs of Upper Deck Artifacts earlier today.  Upper Deck are giving thes away with every Upper Deck product that you buy, apparently this has been on ongoing promotion for a few years now.  It's a yearbook collection of highlights from this past season, I like the idea.

Here's a card of Chara striking a pose after scoring three back in January.  He also won the Hardest Shot Comp at the All-Star game this season, I wonder if there's a card for that.  I also I received a Patrick Sharp card commemorating his All-Star MVP status.

Corey perry 50 goals scored moment, only player this past season to hit the 50 goal mark.  And John Franzen gets a card in the set for scoring the most goals in a regular season game, 5.

Nothing special about the back of the card.  A paragraph caption about the image on the front.
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