Monday 20 August 2012

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee Chris Kreider Marquee Rookie #585

I had intentions on picking up a hobby box of 12-13 O-Pee-Chee after seeing those beautiful manufactured patches Captain Canuck pulled from his break.  But no, at the checkout stand I found myself walletless and short for time.  I ended up picking up a blaster of cards to scratch that itch later that night on a birthday gift run.

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee
Chris Kreider Marquee Rookie #585

No patches in this blaster?! Blasphemy!  From the box did come this Chris Kreider rookie card.  It's probably one of the more desired rookie cards from the Marquee Rookie subset.  I like the design of these Marquee Rookies, it's a big improvement from last years rookie subset design.

Kreider made his debut with the Rangers during their playoff run this past season. Scoring 5 goals and 7 points in 18 games. Going to hang on to this one as Kreider has yet to prove himself during the regular season.

Sunday 19 August 2012

2011-12 Titanium Mike Bossy Titanium Reserve Auto

I've been working on building and shaping my personal card collection lately.  I've been wanting to pick up some Mike Bossy cards ever since watching a 'Legends Of Hockey' mini-biography on his career.  From the bio I discovered one of the best snipers to ever lace up his skates and take to the ice.  This was just several months ago and to be honest, before then, I didn't know just who Mike Bossy was.

Bossy holds the record for most consecutive 50+ goal seasons (9) and most career 50+ (9) goal seasons.  He also holds the record for highest goals-per-game average in a career.  Bossy also shares the record for most career 60+ goal seasons (5) (tied with Wayne Gretzky).  In 1998, he was ranked number 20 on The Hockey News' list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players.

2011-12 Panini Titanium
Titanium Reserve Mike Bossy Auto

Recently I picked up this 2011-12 Titanium sticker autograph card for about $10.00 shipping in.  A sticker auto is an auto in my eyes; it may not be as eye candy strickening as a hard signed card but personally the sticker doesn't take anything away from it.

Not sure how I could have been a hockey fan for 22 years and not know who Mike Bossy truly was.  Especially growing up with a die-hard Isles fan of an older brother, who began watching hockey when the Islanders were tearing up the NHL on their dynasty run.

The back of the card features a brief write-up on Bossy and a full body version of the image on the front.  The card isn't serial numbered and but instead marked as number 45 in the set.

Happy to add this auto of one of my favorite players at the moment to my rebooted card collection.

Friday 17 August 2012

2010-11 Pinnacle City Lights Materials Henrik Zetterberg /299

I pulled this 'City Lights' card from a pack of $1.00 Pinnacle a couple of weeks ago. Panini released these relic cards into their 2010-11 Pinnacle product as two variations: a swatch/patch version and a sticker autograph version with all the cards in the set being serial numbered.

2010-11 Pinnacle City Lights Materials
Henrik Zetterberg /299

I like the look of these cards. I like the simple design and the different skylines represting the home team of each NHL players home team. The circular swatches flow really well with the card - free from meaningless deigns to clutter and attempt to incorporate the fabric on the card somehow. The back of the inserts gives no hockey related information but does offer you a little history lesson on the city showcased on the front of the card.

Hank is a member of the triple gold club member who has put up solid numbers since his debut into the NHL.

2010-11 Pinnacle City Lights Materials
Henrik Zetterberg /299 (back)
Keeping this one for my collection.  It was a nice addition for a buck.  I can not look at Hetterberg and not think Mega Man for some reason.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Moving Cards

Hey guys, what's up?  How about Miley Cyrus' new haircut?! Crazy - I KNOW!

Haha Just kidding.  Thought I'd make a joke since it was the very first thing I heard about this morning when I woke up and then I turned on the computer and again her new haircut was mentioned on a Google page.  I go to Facebook and what do you know, Miley Cyrus - new haircut.

The water main broke at the Square where I work today so I'm off.  So I took some time packing up a trade.

Here's my end; mostly TTM autos.  The Phaneuf was one of my favorite cards I've had signed.  Cory SchieThe pack with the NHL sticker is a bunch of random stuff I thought that the trader might like.  Cory Schneider All Goalies swatch.  Part of the trade was also this H&P Mathew Dumba game used jersey, one of my most recent pickups.  I'm actually scolding myself as I tape the envelope shut; such a nice card and I've begun to like him a lot in the past few months.

Dumba is an exciting player and might be fun to watch in the NHL.  I was hoping he would get picked in the Draft by the Jets or Leafs, but he was skipped over my the Leafs and the Wild beat the Leafs to it and used their number 7 pick on him.  Although according to everything I've heard or read he isn't going to see much if any ice time this upcoming season.

Anyway it's a nice card but a deal's a deal and it must go.  Hopefully I'll find something else similar sometime down the road.

Here's my goods.  Again mostly through the mail autos.  The user does signing hounding at Ranger practice so all of these were signed in person.  The autographs look legit and he seems like a good kid so as far as authenticity goes, I'm just going to have to go by that right now.

Great lot of Ranger cards though: Fedotenko, Biron, Girardi, Stepan and Mcdonagh.  Also on the end is a signed Ellis UD Ice card.  It's a nice card but I have plans for moving it elsewhere hopefully.

For the Dumba, in return were the Girardi and a H&P Linden Rowat game used 3 colors.  It's a nice card although I've never heard of Rowat. 

Here is it all packed up and ready to go.  Hope the other guy likes it.  I sketched  a mask of Thomas Greiss on the decoy cards I use to included a little personal message on.  I drew a duplicate to use for another trade in the future.  I like how i came out.

It was a good day at the box.  Glad to have a few Ranger stars added to my Score set.

Thursday 9 August 2012

2011-12 Score - #14 Season Highlights and #256 P.K. Subban

Had my final exam earlier today - hope it went well.

Received an eBay package in the mail this evening containing something that I was happy to pick up recently.  It`s a really nice addition to my signed set; love this guy since watching him play for Team Canada at the WJC.

2011-12 Score P.K. Subban #14

2011-12 Score P.K. Subban #256

Two P.K. Subban cards for the 2011-12 Score set signed for a little for $2.  The glossy version of the base card was also signed and included.  Looks pretty legit to me!  But I guess you can never really be sure, unless the card was signed in person.  Without knowledge, I'm guessing these cards were signed in person.

Wednesday 8 August 2012

2011-12 Signed Score Additions And Stuff

Just a quick post.

Received a card nicely signed by Stephane Richer a few days ago.  He was one of my favorite guys on the Canadiens roster back in the late 80s-early 90s.  Richer won a Staney Cup as a Canadien in '86, scored 51 goals during the 1989-90 season and went on to play for the New Jersey Devils to spend half of his career where he would win another Cup.  And unbeknownst to me, he also player 58 games as a Penguin in 01-02!  I think I like him even more now.

Looks great!  Glad to have him hard signed on this Pro Set card as a Canadien in my collection.  Brings back a lot of memories of watching the Canadiens as a kid; my best friend was a Canadiens fan, my grandfather was a die-hard and everyother person at school was a Canadiens fan - or a Leafs fan.  Therefore the name Stephane Richer, Patrick Roy, Corson.

I also added a few cards to my work in progress 2011-12 signed Score project through a trade with a helpful Youtuber.

Some nice names that I'm happy to have.  Toss up between the Eller and Gionta.

Sunday 5 August 2012

2011-12 Score - #74 Thomas Vanek and #215 Scott Clemmensen

I received two TTM returns within this past week towards the my 2011-12 Score hard signed set. Thomas Vanek and Scott Clemmensen returned their cards back to me signed.

Thomas Vanek #74
Sent: June 12, 2012
Received: July 30, 2012
48 Days
My very first Sabre success!  I like Vanek, he's definitely in my top 10 favorite European players in the leauge and so I was very happy to get his signature. Thank you Mr. Vanek.
Scott Clemmensen #215
Sent: July 6, 2012
Received: August 1, 2012
26 Days
I do not know too much about Clemmensen, he isn't a name that comes to mind when I think about top goaltenders; but I guess he is doing his thing as a backup with the Panthers and from what I've read he has been moved a few times. Scott Clemmensen signed and only took 24 days, much appreciated. Given the weak signature it looks as if the marker was drying up.  Thank you for your time Mr. Clemmensen.

Nice set of returns to keep the streak rolling. Got a lot of stuff coming in.
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