Sunday 19 August 2012

2011-12 Titanium Mike Bossy Titanium Reserve Auto

I've been working on building and shaping my personal card collection lately.  I've been wanting to pick up some Mike Bossy cards ever since watching a 'Legends Of Hockey' mini-biography on his career.  From the bio I discovered one of the best snipers to ever lace up his skates and take to the ice.  This was just several months ago and to be honest, before then, I didn't know just who Mike Bossy was.

Bossy holds the record for most consecutive 50+ goal seasons (9) and most career 50+ (9) goal seasons.  He also holds the record for highest goals-per-game average in a career.  Bossy also shares the record for most career 60+ goal seasons (5) (tied with Wayne Gretzky).  In 1998, he was ranked number 20 on The Hockey News' list of the 100 Greatest Hockey Players.

2011-12 Panini Titanium
Titanium Reserve Mike Bossy Auto

Recently I picked up this 2011-12 Titanium sticker autograph card for about $10.00 shipping in.  A sticker auto is an auto in my eyes; it may not be as eye candy strickening as a hard signed card but personally the sticker doesn't take anything away from it.

Not sure how I could have been a hockey fan for 22 years and not know who Mike Bossy truly was.  Especially growing up with a die-hard Isles fan of an older brother, who began watching hockey when the Islanders were tearing up the NHL on their dynasty run.

The back of the card features a brief write-up on Bossy and a full body version of the image on the front.  The card isn't serial numbered and but instead marked as number 45 in the set.

Happy to add this auto of one of my favorite players at the moment to my rebooted card collection.


  1. Thats a beautiful card of one of my all time favourite players.

  2. At the last card show there was a seller who had a few Bossy RC at $5 each. Off centred and rough cut, but still a great deal. I remember when he was flipping through the cards I was buying, he stopped and examined the Bossy. As if he couldn't believe it was only $5. I should have bought the others as well. I already have a few Bossy RC since he was my favourite when I was a kid. I bought my first Bossy RC for $5 back in the late 80s before the card boom.

  3. nice card of one of the top snipers of all time.

  4. Great card, and as sticker autos go that's not a bad looking one at all. You got a steal of a price too, I'd pay $10 for that all day long...


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