Friday 17 August 2012

2010-11 Pinnacle City Lights Materials Henrik Zetterberg /299

I pulled this 'City Lights' card from a pack of $1.00 Pinnacle a couple of weeks ago. Panini released these relic cards into their 2010-11 Pinnacle product as two variations: a swatch/patch version and a sticker autograph version with all the cards in the set being serial numbered.

2010-11 Pinnacle City Lights Materials
Henrik Zetterberg /299

I like the look of these cards. I like the simple design and the different skylines represting the home team of each NHL players home team. The circular swatches flow really well with the card - free from meaningless deigns to clutter and attempt to incorporate the fabric on the card somehow. The back of the inserts gives no hockey related information but does offer you a little history lesson on the city showcased on the front of the card.

Hank is a member of the triple gold club member who has put up solid numbers since his debut into the NHL.

2010-11 Pinnacle City Lights Materials
Henrik Zetterberg /299 (back)
Keeping this one for my collection.  It was a nice addition for a buck.  I can not look at Hetterberg and not think Mega Man for some reason.


  1. Nice hit! A buck for a pack of Pinnacle is always a great deal, certainly worth another try.

    1. Thanks Dave! I agree. I went back to the store that was selling them off today to see if I could get my hands on a few more packs but I was out of luck.


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