Tuesday 31 January 2012

TTM Success! Carey Price

Sorry about the lack of updates everyone, hopefully I can pitch in a little more on the blog and keep its head above the water for the time being.

I was happy to wake up this morning to find a self-addressed stamped envelope waiting for me at the end of my hallway, which only means one thing - a TTM success.

Carey Price signed and returned 1 out of the 2 cards that I had sent away to have inked back on June 28, 2011.  I guess he liked the custom card so much that he decided to keep it for himself?

Price became a highight during this years All-Star Weekend for showcasing his sense of humor during the Skills Competition's breakaway challenge.  If you've seen it then you know what I mean.

Here's an article I found earlier in regards to Carey, the All-Star Weekend and his love for autograph collecting.

Thanks Carey!


  1. He kept my Ovation Rookie and sent me an OPC card instead...I am thinking he is a bit of a collector.

  2. Next time, send two of the custom. Whenever I send off a picture I did on photoshop I always send an extra copy and offer it to the player. Having the player keep something you did is almost as good as getting it signed. Even when the player sends back the extra signed, I am a bit disappointed they didn't keep it.
    So congrats on the autograph and congrats on your custom card becoming part of Carey Price's personal collection

  3. @JGBlargh That's a positive side to look at it!


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