Wednesday, 1 February 2012

TTM Success! Pat Verbeek

I received a returned custom just a couple of weeks ago, this one from former Devil, Whaler, Ranger, Star and Red Wing *exhale* - Pat Verbeek, "The Little Ball of Hate".

I'm not sure how many customs I've had returned now but I think the number has finally reached double digits.  Actually out of all the requests that I had previously sent away, I'm only waiting on two returns.  Pretty good numbers in my opinion.

Verbeek signed the 'back' of the card and also a few hockey cards that I also sent along for the ride but are seemingly lost in my stacks of cards that are laid out on my desk.

Not sure of the exact date in which I mailed this lot of customs but it was the latest of the bunch.


  1. Now THAT is a nice card! I don't care how many other teams he played for, Pat's always a Whaler as far as I'm concerned. Great return. Welcome back by the way! Did you ever get the package I sent you a couple months back?

    1. I did receive the package and thank you, I am sorry but I still haven't sent yours - I'm terrible. I am scrapping what I had planned on sending and I am sending a few other cards I think you may enjoy much more.

  2. No worries at all! Glad they made it safely, sometimes it takes forever for out-of-country packages so I always wonder...

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