Sunday, 12 February 2012

My National Hockey Card Day 2012 Experience

Well yesterday was the first year since getting into the hobby again that I participated in National Hockey Card Day; even brought along my fiance for the extra pack help.

The night before I took a few minutes and scoutted out the hobby stores in my area (using the list given on Upper Decks website) that were partaking in the event - weren't many listed to be honest, two stores actually.

The first hobby store I hit up wasn't even participating in the event, albit being a listed location on Upper Decks website - the guy was pretty straight up and slightly rude about it, claiming that they weren't doing it because they had to pay for the packs; understandable I guess but his tone and quick reaction to my question turned me off entirely.

Good enough!  Next stop was the Toys R' Us - their way of celebrating National Hockey Card Day was with a free oversized 2012 NHCD card with the purchase of any Upper Deck product.  Limited one per customer.

I picked up a $0.99 pack of 2008-09 Upper Deck Victory from a bin and claimed my oversized card:

#OS4 Mario Lemieux, my all-time favorite player.  The oversized card I had hoped to receive!
We then headed to the other (and final) hobby store with fingers crossed, to take our chances at a couple packs of National Hockey Card Day cards.  We were in luck!  We both received a pack; here's the breakdown - I am very pleased with the cards that I pulled from just these two packs as they featured all the players I had hoped to pull.

Wayne Gretzky / Heroes #11
Mark Messier / Heroes #14
Mario Lemieux / Heroes # 13

Robero Luongo / Pride Of Canada #8
Taylor Hall / Pride Of Canada # 6
P.K. Subban / Pride Of Canada #7

Jonathan Toews / Pride Of Canada # 10
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins / Rookies #2
Martin Brodeur / Heroes #15


  1. I managed to get Ryan-Nugent-Hopkins OS1,Roberto Luongo OS2,Wayne Gretzky OS5. I need Mario Lemieux OS4 and Jonathan Toews OS3. If anyone wants to trade reply here

    1. I have a Mario Lemieux OS for trade, perferably for Nugent-Hopkins OS. Email me at and write NHCD OS in title if interested.

      Thanks, Kyle

    2. I have 2 of each, Toews & Lemieux.
      Want to trade for Hopkins & Luongo & Gretzky.
      Email me at

      Thanks Rheal

  2. Better than my luck. Got the exact same five cards from the pack I picked up and from the pack my wife picked up (I dragged her along with me to the card store just to get a second pack!) and no Mario included amongst those.

    Didn't realize Toys R Us was doing that promotion either. Good to know I have another Lemieux to track down! Congrats on getting the two Lemieuxs you needed.

    1. Do you have an extra Nugent-Hopkins for trade? If so, please email me at so we can work something out!


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