Wednesday 15 February 2012

2011-12 Panini Certified Hit Parade Break

I ripped a few packs of 2011-12 Panini Certified a few days past and added a few nice cards to my collection because of it.  I was stoked on the Sam Gagner and Cody Hodgson pulls from several days ago, but this break went beyond my expectations.

I want to start this break results post with my biggest hit; quite possibly the best card I've pulled since picking the hobby back up again eight months ago.

It's a Steven Stamkos "Fabrics Of The Game Prime" #134 numbered just 4/5 - the cards been cut out spotlighting his 45 goals scored during the 2010-11 season, underneath the cut-out is a layer of jersey.  Not too shabby, I have never pulled a card numbered so low before.

Second favorite card from the break...

Here's a Daniel Sedin "Fabrics Of The Game" #143 numbered 15/25; featuring a nice sticker signature (I'm assuming).  Great!

Al Arbour "Certified Champions" #17 Gold Version numbered 10/25.  Second in wins and games coached in NHL history.

Brendon Nash "Freshman Signatures" #181 - Not familiar with this rookie, nice auto though.

Mikka Kiprusoff "Mirror Blue" Jersey Swatch #30 numbered 40/99.

Derek Stepan "Totally Silver" #150

Ilya Kovalchuk "Mirror Blue" #118 numbered 15/99

I also pulled a couple "Masked Marvels" cards.  Ondrej Pavelec #14 and Carey Price #3.

Overall it was one of the best breaks I've ever done, I've fallen in love with this product.  I have a few more packs to rip but I don't think this mojo will keep up.  We'll have to see!

Watch the entire incredibly awkward live break underneath the cut.


  1. Great pulls! It's a nice looking product.

    Thankfully for Lindens.

    I have some base singles if you're looking at building the set. Maybe we can trade.


    1. I have a bunch of base singles as well and am looking for about 40ish cards to complete the set - I'm interested.

  2. Hey Brad those are some pretty special cards! If you're ever looking for a trade for that CoHo let me know! I have a few cards I think you might enjoy!

    1. I'll trade you the Hodgson card since you're collecting.

    2. Thanks Brad shoot me an e-mail with what cards your looking for in return (sets, players, teams etc!)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey Brad, I would be interested in the Stamkos if you are looking to move it in a trade.... forestrydave at


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