Thursday 9 August 2012

2011-12 Score - #14 Season Highlights and #256 P.K. Subban

Had my final exam earlier today - hope it went well.

Received an eBay package in the mail this evening containing something that I was happy to pick up recently.  It`s a really nice addition to my signed set; love this guy since watching him play for Team Canada at the WJC.

2011-12 Score P.K. Subban #14

2011-12 Score P.K. Subban #256

Two P.K. Subban cards for the 2011-12 Score set signed for a little for $2.  The glossy version of the base card was also signed and included.  Looks pretty legit to me!  But I guess you can never really be sure, unless the card was signed in person.  Without knowledge, I'm guessing these cards were signed in person.

This is a little late, but we are now offically dog owners!  We picked up this little guy about two weeks ago and he's been enjoying living with us and adjusting very well.

The cats are pretty pissed about it.  Oscar (the dog) has taken over their spot on the bed and the cats are pretty ticked off by it.  Someone has been pooping and peeing on the floor during the middle of the night and we think it is one of the cats showing their frustration.  We do not think the dog is doing it only because the dog isn't able to jump onto the bed yet and he has woken up with us on the bed.

I also received two returns in the mail today from a couple of solid players.  One from a guy I really liked when he broke into the leauge with the Penguins.  And the other return from a player I don't really know too much abot about.

Stanley Cup champ Jaret Stoll signed 2/2 in 44 days for me.  Thank you Mr. Stoll.  His signature looks great and goes well with the photography on this card.

Stoll also signed this Panini sticker, looks great!  Another guy I can add to my Panini sticker collection

.Johan Hedberg was kind enough to sign all 3 cards that I sent away to him.  Very happy to get these cards back as I was a fan of Hedberg during his run with the Penguins.  Another Score to add to the set by the way.

Hedberg has a nice looking sig.  That triangle zig-zag at the bottom and the upsidedown umbrella towards the end give it an almost graffiti look.  This is my second 'All Goalies' card I've had come back to me.  The 'All Goalies' cards are one of the best base sets to have signed in my opinion.  The faded white background gives the signature a lot of room to work with.

Had to get a signed card of Hedberg in an Atlanta uniform.


  1. Nice!

    Did you send Hedberg the cards through the Devils? (I've never seen anything get through to the Devils...)

    1. I sent it to his home address. Leave your email and I'll send you the addy.

  2. Oscar looks pretty cool, congratulations!


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