Wednesday 13 July 2011

Mail Day! 1996-97 Score Sudden Death

Larger than usual Mail Day today; received the other four 96-97 Score Sudden Death cards that I had ordered. Damn Canada Post delay *shakes fist* Which brings me to 5/15 when it comes to completing the set of these guys.

4/15 - Brett Hull vs Ed Belfour
13/15 - Paul Kariya vs Corey Hirsch
8/15 - Alexander Mogilny vs Jocelyn Thibault
11/15 - Joe Sakic vs Darren Puppa

The reverse of the Hull/Belfour card states that Brett had only scored three times in three years on Eddie The Eagle.  The back of the Kariya/Hirsch card mentions how they were once teammates and won a silver medal for Canada at the 1994 Lillehammer Games.  Apparently Score favors Thibault on the reverse of the Mogilny/Thibault card; stating how Mogilny was held to only one career goal against the netminder.  And last but not least, the Sakic/Puppa reverse states that Puppa had held Sakic to only one goal in the three years previous.

Glad these two seperate orders both came in the mail today as one she-bang.  If you have any of these 96 97 Sudden Death cards, let me know!


  1. Unfortunately I don't have any of those cards to help you out...lemme know again if you're interested in that Ovie insert I have put it aside for you just in case...I also have a 2010-11 Ryan Suter Pinnacle GU threads card I'm looking to get rid of

  2. Still interested Mike! I just need a little time to take a look through my cards to find something that I think you might like; I have only started collecting again recently.

  3. I have the Bure/joseph card. #6 of 15

    1. That's cool! I have that one as well, at the moment I am missing just one to complete the set.


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