Wednesday 14 September 2011

1992-93 Upper Deck Hockey Pack Rip 1/3

I dropped back to the newly discovered local card shop recently and picked up a few packs; three being these 1992-93 Upper Deck which were going for 3 for $4.

Decided to grab some for novelty and nostalgic rip value.  15 cards per pack, check out the cut to find a rundown.

Alexei Yashin / Russian Stars #334 - Not bad for the first card I suppose.  The Russian Stars subset is one of the many included in this 640 card set; Yashin is one of the most notabe players.  Lately Yashin has been seen practicing with the Islanders' at their practice facility.

Bret Hedican / Star Rookies #414 - Hedican was drafted 198th overall; he would only play the blueline for two seasons in St. Louis before being traded to the Canucks where he would established himself.

Jimmy Carson # 253 - Carson scored 37 goals as a rookie and 55 in his sophomore season.  He was included in the Gretzky to L.A. trade where he was expected to fulfill the Great Ones skates.  Carson had a fine 100pt season in his season with the Oilers but could not handle the expectations to fill Gretzky's role and demanded a trade out of Edmonton.

Brad Shaw #109 - Shaw was drafted from the Devils' roster in the '92 Expansion Draft by the Senators.

Neil Wilkinson #30 - Inducted into the Manitoba Hockey Hall Of Fame on April 15, 2011.

Dave Ellett #214 - Ellett was a big part of the Leafs club in the 93 and 94 seasons where they would reach the Conference Finals.

Tony Granato # 185 - As a King, Granato topped the 30-goal mark three times and helped the Kings reach the Stanley Cup final for the first time in franchise history in 1993.

Craig Billington #315 - Billington played the majority of his NHL career as a backup goalie.

Benoit Hogue #325 - I like the look of this card, maybe it's the Islanders' jersey colors.  As for Hogue, I'll remember him in a Canadiens jersey more so than in an Islanders.

Lonnie Loach #466 - Lonnie played 56 games with three different teams.

Norm Maciver #511 - Maciver was the face of the Senators franchise at one point in history.

Mike McPhee #538 - McPhee had his best years in Montreal.

Nathan Lafayette / World Junior Championships Sweden '93 #588 - From my favorite subset in the set; Lafayette is best known as the player who hit the post in the final minutes of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals between the Rangers and the Canucks in Game 7.

Mike Pomichter / World Junior Championships Sweden '93 #607 -  Fizzled out in the AHL and IHL.

Sergei Krivokrasov / Young Guns #582 - Some things never change, such as the inclusion of Young Gun cards from Upper Deck.  Krivokrasov was selected 12th overall by the Hawks in the '92 draft and went on to play 450 NHL games.

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