Friday, 25 November 2011

Mail Day! 1996-97 Fleer Metal Universe Lot

Well it's been a significant period of time between my last post and now; with Christmas just around the bend, I haven't been picking up many cards and I've also begun another collection - Panini stickers.  I guess it doesn't hurt to ask - but does anyone have any of these stickers/albums from when they were a child lying around?  I just recently started the 2011-12 NHL Panini sticker album as well, anyone else?

Anyway let's get to my latest additions to my hockey card collection - this 14 card lot from the 1996-97 Fleer Metal Universe set, which I picked up almost a month ago online for just under a dollar and free shipping.

John Vanbiesbrouck #64 - My favorite card from the lot for sure, featuring Beezer breaking through what appears to be glass.    The reverse captures a nice, clear view of Vanbiesbrouck's famous mask.

I sometimes do an eBay search looking for card lots from this set as it is one of my all-time favorites based on the unique design; I've always been intrigued by the cards and the foiled cardboard blew me away as a kid.  I've yet to come across the complete set at auction but if I do I'll definitely put up a bid.  On a side note, I'm damn well sure I owned a bunch of these cards when I collected back in the late 90s - but sadly I was only able to find just one when I picked up my boxed hockey card collection at my parents house several months ago, when I decided to get back into the hobby.

Ron Francis #125
Oleg Tverdovsky #123
Eric Desjardins #110

Ray Sheppard #62
Radek Dvorak #57
Joe Murphy #134

Pat Verbeek #43
Andy Moog #41
German Titov #23

Jason Dawe #13
Paul Coffey #67
Jeff O'Neil #69
Geoff Sanderson #71

As for the player criteria from the lot there's nobody to exactly write home about but nothing from the bottom of the barrel - Vanbiesbrouck, Coffey, Francis, Verbeek just to name a few of my favorites.  I also wanted to mention how great the Moog card looks; his pose definitely entwines with the card design as it depicts a missle-like explosion in the glove of the netminder.

Jesus Christ, as I look through these cards I'm still amazed after 15 years!  What a unique design; even the Joe Murphy card looks like a solid keeper!


  1. Nice stuff, I need to get working on this set a bit more as I've only got 60 or so right now. Btw, there is a full set on ebay BIN for $19. I'd go for it, but I'm hoping to slowly build the set, so I don't just want to get it all at once like that.

    Here it is:

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