Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ryane Clowe 2011-12 Donruss Elite Gold Status #78

My Ryane Clowe PC has been treading the water lately; my mind or wallet hasn't been there as of late.  Card collecting in general has taken a backseat due to life and my wandering hobby habits.  It's all beginning to take a turn though; recently I let go of a ton of cards that have become a tower of dime boxes in my bedroom.  The pleasure of having free space and organization instead of a clutter of cards has rejuvenated any ill feelings I've had about my collection.

Anyway I did pick up one new addition to the Clowe collection about a month or so ago.

I picked up this 'Gold Status' /99 card for about $5 shipping in - It's nothing to write home about but eh, it's another Clowe that I needed that can be crossed of the list.  There are still another three Clowe cards birthed from the 2011-12 Donruss Elite set that I need; the base, 'Aspirations Die Cut' and the 'Passing The Torch' auto featuring Dan Cleary /100.  The 'Passing The Torch' card is a redemption that I've attempted to bid on several times in the past but have yet to win.  Apparently Clowe isn't good with getting his stickers back to Panini - I've been waiting on an auto/jersey redemption from Panini for a few months now which tells me that I'm better off waiting until the actual card arrives on the secondary market.

Which reminds me, I redeemed a 2011-12 Upper Deck Artifacts rookie card back on September 23, 2011; first day Artifacts was released and I'm still waiting on my card.  Think I should give them a call?  Has anyone received their Artifacts rookie redemptions from Upper Deck?  It wasn't even an auto.


  1. Very nice card, never seen those before. Looks like a great addition to a player collection.

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