Saturday 13 August 2011

2010-11 In The Game Between The Pipes Dual Rip

After ripping up two packs of the latest Between The Pipes from In The Game, I felt very unsatisfied with what I had just decided to cash in on.  I love the In The Game products and think they have a lot to offer, but buying individual packs in an effort towards building a collection of cards that I'm proud off is basically playing Russian roulette - you win some and you lose a lot.

I mean in a way that you get a lot that you never really wanted.  So to begin again, I decided to reassess my direction in collecting cards and what I'm looking for in building the card collection that I'd like to own and find worthwhile spending my money on.

Anyway here are the results from the two pack break, I also spent myself on two more packs of 2011-12 Victory just so I could get a Biography Of A Season card that I really wanted (had to inquire about it with the card shop owner who acted like he wasn't sure which card I was referring to, yeah right).

Results of the rips under the cut.

Pack 1

167 - John Vanbiesbrouck.  Nice card, have always loved Vanbiesbroucks Panthers mask.  Who didn't?  I'm sure it will be listed on every 'best mask design' list for years to come.

160 - Frank Pietrangelo.  Tom Barrasso's shadow for three years, Pietrangelo is best known for making 'The Save' in Game 6 of the opening round against New Jersey in the '91 Stanley Cup Playoffs; which helped the Pens stave off elimination and go on to win their first Cup with a healthy Barrasso between the pipes.  Here's the highlight:

44 - Tyler Bunz.

150 - Cesare Maniago.  Before the Dog Whisperer there was North Stars goalie Maniago.

189 - Charline Labonte.
79 - Mike Murphy.

 7 - Christopher Gibson.
63 - Jeff Deslauriers.

Pack 2

118 - Marc Andre Fleury.  Favorite card from this pack rip.
131 - Patrick Lalime.  Hung up the pads just recently.
73 - Ireland Irving.

97 - Corey Crawford.
109 - Jason Labarbera.
32 - Nathan Lieuwen.

85 - Patrick Roy / 100 Years Of Hockey Card Collecting.  A Patrick Roy insert finished the pack off, not too bad but nothing really special.  I don't really like the direction they were going for with recreating the look off the old-timer cards.

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