Thursday 18 August 2011

Mail Day! 1996-97 Score Sudden Death Mario Lemieux vs John Vanbiesbrouck

I'm another 1996-97 Sudden Death card closer to completing the set.  Received the Mario Lemieux vs John Vanbiesbrouck insert yesterday bringing the numbers to 7/15 within my hands.

First thing that I noticed about the photographs used on the front of the card (aside from the cat hair lingering from the scan) was the interesting look on Mario's face, just something about those eyebrows - and that mark underneath his eye, ow.  Great shot off Vanbiesbrouck's iconic mask as well.

Unlike the other Sudden Death cards I've collected so far, this one doesn't really include a 'one-on-one' sort of fact on the back.  Basically the short paragraph states the obvious; "A Pittsburgh-Florida clash usually pits Mario Lemieux, one of hockey's most prolific scorers, against John Vanbiesbrouck, the backbone of the best defensive team in hockey."  The marker on the back is written on the toploader not the card by the way.


  1. I do have a 15/15 card Selanne - Khabibulan. Actually I have unopened box with 36 packs + 31 unopened packs

    1. Great! I'm looking for that card, drop me a line at bradparsons565 (at) if you're interested in trading.


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