Sunday 7 October 2012

Adopting Cardboard

It was a great weekend and as per usual, way too short.

I use to hate living back in my hometown and couldn't wait too get out off there as a younger man, it's funny how that leaf has changed.  I wouldn't like to live there exactly but it's always nice to go back and live your life the way it was 17 years ago - how many people can say that?  Not much has changed.  Small towns.

Hell, my friend since Kindergarden is attending community college from home; I just so happened to 'adopt' a few cards into my collection.  A bunch of cards in toploaders from about 17 years ago, collected when he was on the whole hockey card collecting rage during elementary school .  He didn't want them and knew that I was a hockey fan so he offered me the cards.  I took them of course.

It just so happens that I've been on a late 90s hockey era kick lately, so this was going to be a fun pickup right off the bat.

1996-97 Leaf Eric Lindros #148
The "Big E" from this 96-97 Leaf set was on top of the short stack.  An understandable selection for the toploader during '97, I can see where he was coming from with this choice.

1995-96 Topps O-Pee-Chee Parallel Mats Sundin #150
A very nice looking card of Mats Sundin.  I remember him having this card back in grade five.  He was a Toronto Maple Leafs fan and he now hates hockey altogether.

1997-98 Score 'Check It' Brendan Shanahan #3
This was a very nice find - I've been collating the '97 "Check-It" set from Score for a little while now along with the "Sudden Death" insert set for a much longer while (check out the '97 insert set from this product by the way, personally it's one of my favorite insert sets).  This Shanahan card was a very useful freebie to add to my collection.

Is that Radek Dvorak?  Funny thing, I always end up picking Dvorak in one of my EA Sports Be A GM modes during Fantasy Draft.  His frontal status on the card almost takes away from the focus on Shanahan. 

1997-98 Score "Golden Blades" #37 Trevor Kidd

1997-98 Pacific Paramount Nelson Emerson #3
I picked up a lot of Pacific Paramount as a kid but have lost almost all of it over the years through moving.   I'd like to begin to pick up more from this set.

1995-96 Upper Deck 'Electric Ice' Mark Recchi #490, Brian Leetch #487, Sylvain Lebreve #342 and Curtis Brown / 1996 WJC #531
'Electric Ice' parallels from 1995-96 Upper Deck.  The shot on the Mark Recchi card wins as my favorite in the lot.

Got to give some love to World Junior player cards from the 90s as well.  Curtis Brown is a name I'm familiar with being attached with the Sabres organization as a rookie.  He spent his last few years in Europe.

1995-96 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 'Players Choice', 1996-97 Donruss Elite, 1995-96 Score

Nice back to this Score!

1991-92 Upper Deck, 1990-91 Upper Deck Felix Potvin

I love these Potvin cards!  Ì already owned this Potvin Upper Deck card and have always liked the jersey and equipment full blue color scheme and the pre-`Felix The Cat`bucket mask look.  It`s stored in a top loader of my own because it`s one of my favorite looking goalie cards.  This one is very useful as it will fill a vacant spot in the set binder.

The 1990-91 Upper Deck is considered Potvins rookie card.  Like I said previously; I`m a fan cardboard photography of players in their World Junior sweaters, especially of payers that have retired.  Look at Potvins equiment, the puck markings on his blocker look like battles scars.  Didn`t have this card previously so this one was also a nice treat.

So I managed to pick up a few cards that I were looking for unintentionally, it was a nice little unexpected gesture during the trip.


  1. Great cards, that was a fun trip down memory lane. Not a bad lot of cards to score for free!

    1. You got a package coming your way bud, be on the lookout :)

  2. Great stuff! 1997-98 Score is one of my favorite sets that I don't currently collect. I really like the Check It cards and the Golden Blades are pretty cool too.

  3. If you're willing to let go of the Lefebvre card, maybe we could work something out. (I plan on sending him cards to be signed this year, could use a few).
    livebabylive AT gmail

    1. Sure I have it already packaged to send your way, I'll shoot you an email tonight requesting your address.

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