Thursday 4 October 2012

Thanksgiving Collection Pickups

Thursday morning, pretty chill here on the home  front.  Me and my fiance are heading out home (well, my hometown) tomorrow to spend a little time back at my parents for the weekend.  I'm
excited, can't wait until this work day ends and the packing process begins.

Anyway a blog post commences. I've had a couple solid months on random pick ups to my personal collection and a few good things to trade.  Honoured in thy names of all pilgrims and indians.  I'll try to make it good.

1978-79 O-Pee-Chee Mike Bossy #115 RC
Mike Bossy is still on my mind - my brother has actually gotten me into the New York Islanders dynasty, I`ve found myself watching and reading a lot about it over the past few months.  Mike Bossy has been my favorite player from that roster so as a collector I eventually had to pick up a rookie card of his.  One of the best players to ever lace up the skates, the NHL's all-team leader in average goals scored per regular season game, and is one of only five players to score 50 goals in 50 games.  Watch game 5 of the 1984 Patrick Semifinals against the New York Rangers, Bossy steps up to the plate at about 4 minutes in and scores a big goal to tie the game 2-2 before the end of the second period.  At about 5:30 minutes in and you see Bossy walking towards the dressing room ahead of all his teammates.  I thought it was pretty cool.  It brought on a lot of momentum as you can tell by the reaction of the Islanders walking off the ice going into to the third.  The Islanders went on to win the game in overtime.

Take a look at that Greg Halon penalty at 26 minutes, what the hell was he thinking?  Haha

2011-12 Panini Limited Matt Duchene 'Trade Team Marks' #12 /99 Auto

I've wanted a Duchene auto but couldn't decide on a card, I picked this one up as it was hard signed on a white background.  Personally I think the card would be nice if they had decided to use an image of Duchene with his head up.  It would have been nice to see a different picture used on the back as well.  But overall a nice autograph on a clean looking card from Panini, I wouldn't have choosen it if I didn't like it.

2012-13 Score Team Score Henrik Lundqvist #TS6 and Jonathan Quick #TS12

I had last Sunday morning off last weekend, a rare occurance as I'm usually working at 12 and miss the weekly flea market.  There's usually a couple of regular tables and s few tables with a dinged up binder as filler.  I don't really like going there as the prices are pretty high. but it's nice to pick up a few cards without paying a shipping charge.

I picked up this duo from the latest Team Score release, 2012-13.  Nice photography and it showcases most of the superstars in the NHL.  Maybe a nice set to pick up, I'mstill  on the fence about it.

201-12 Donruss Ice |Kings Mike Bossy #10 and Glenn Hall #6

I really like these 2011-12 Donruss 'Ice Kings' cards.  And another Mike Bossy, even if it isn't vintage it's still from a nice looking set.  I had a Beliveau from this 'Ice Kings' set in my collection already so these additions make it 3/15.

1997-98 Pinnacle Be A Player One Timers Jaromir Jagr #7
A card from a set from when I was young.  I've seen this card at the market several weeks ago and regretted not getting it.  A .50 cent card Ha  Anyway glad it was there when I came back.  I think I had this one in my collection before but it was stolen while in school.

1997-98 Pinnacle Mint International Mint Pavel Bure #6

One of the most recent members of the Hockey Hall Of Fame.  I think I might already have a card from this insert set released by 1997-98 Pinnacle Mint.  6 cards in this small insert set highlighting six of the most exciting players in the NHL from outside of North America.

Anyway guys, to all you fellow Canadians have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Really nice pickups Brad. Love the Bossy rc and the Ice Kings.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well. Have a safe trip.

  2. Nice cards, that Bossy is great. Enjoy your holiday!

  3. Nice pickups! About to e-mail you per your request, I sent you one last time but I'm guessing it ended up in your spam folder because Yahoo hates me. So just in case, please check in there if it's not in your inbox!

  4. The Bossy is Boss and it is looking in some pretty fine condition too!

  5. Nice stuff! I remember those One Timers cards from back when I was a kid too. I know I have a few of them floating around my collection somewhere.


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