Friday 28 October 2011

Favorite Cards: 1997-98 Pacific Invincible #47 Vladimir Konstantinov

Just wanted to do a quick feature on another one of my favorite cards that I own; found this while filing through a random box of cards and it seems to be the only one I have around from the 1997-98 Pacific Invincible set, Vladimir Konstantinov.

As for a little personal history lesson on this specific card; I'm pretty sure that I picked this up as part of a trade deal I made way back in elementary school - can't remember what I gave away in return though.

The design of these cards made it one of the best collectible cards of it's day.  The circular "window" at the bottom containing Vladdies head and the gold foil background enhancements were a unique direction at the time.  Pacific made some nice products during their stint in the cardboard market and this set is a true testament to that in my opinion.

The set was issued in one series totaling 150 cards and distributed in three-card packs.  As you can see from the scan,  the reverse gave a paragraph on the players successes and included another 'in action' photograph above the circular window.

To wrap it up, great looking cards - another set from my childhood that I would love to own.

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