Friday 17 June 2011

Favorite Cards: 1996-97 Kraft Hockey Mascots Teemu Selanne & Wild Wing

I cut this out from a Jell-o box years ago.  One of my favorite all-time players and one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoon shows on the same card, hugging it out! 

Upper Deck should release another series of these in one of their sest, it would be fun and mix up the sub-sets a little.  I would much rather collect a sub-set like this than another prospect series.

In the 1996-97 season Selanne hot, netting 51 pucks and recording 109 pts.  Becoming one of only two players that season to reach the 100-point plateau (the other being Mario Lemieux).
I like these a lot.  I'd like to complete the set, I know I have a Marty McSorley here somewhere...

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