Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Guy Lafleur + Michael Ryder Sendoffs

My second lot of TTMs were mailed earlier this evening.I had designed a card for Michael Ryder as part of a Hometown Hereos set that I plan on making, featuring a few custom cards from Newfoundland born players.  I just hope that the players are just as eager to sign my cards as I am to make theem! I would really like to get this card back; I think it looks great; front and back.

The other card was customed for Mr. Guy Lafleur.  One of the greatest players of all-time!  I was able to catch a tribute video while visiting the Hockey Hall Of Fame in Toronto recently and it just blew my mind!  Since then, Guy Lafleur has been on my mind and I was stoked to make this trading card.  I love the image that I used for the back, check it out!

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