Monday 25 July 2011

2008-09 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces

Saw these 2008-09 Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces while waiting in the Wal-Mart checkout aisle.  For a $1.50 each I figured I would pick up three.  I purchased a pack of these before and thought that the cards had an interesting take.  All portrait cards of a variety of players and historic moments.

Found it a little odd how they were packaged in the plastic holders; I assume it's purpose is to make it impossible to "feel" for a memorabilia card within the packs.

The results of the pack breaks are below.

Pack no.1

#34 - Bobby Orr.  Orr scoring "The Goal", one of the most famous goals in hockey history and one that would give Boston their first Stanley Cup since 1941.

#39 - Luc Robitaille.

#8 - Ron Hextall.  Interesting quote from the reverse of the card, "Hextall is probably the best goaltender I've ever played against in the NHL." - Wayne Gretzky.  I assume the portrait is from when Hextall scored his scored career goal in 1989.

#83 - Phil Esposito.
Pack no.2

#82 - Bobby Orr.  Not sure if this is Cup number one or two.

#74 - Guy Lafleur. A portrait of Lafleurs coming out of retirement and back to the NHL in a Rangers uniform.

#70 - Rogie Vachon.  Very nicely done portrait. Vachon would prove that he belonged among the top goalies of his time while playing for the Los Angeles Kings. He is also the Kings all-time leading goaltender.

#87 - Mark Messier.

Pack no.3

#65 - Manon Rheaume.  I've always had an interest in Manon Rheaume.

#80 - Gordie Howe.

#51 - Johnny Bower.
#36 - Turk Broda.

Like these cards and may choose another pack or two of these over a candy bar during my next Wal-mart escapade.


  1. LOVE this set...possibly one of my favorites all-time!!

  2. I agree, I loved this set when it came out. It's pretty easy to complete too since it's only 87 cards. I was bummed that Upper Deck did this set just the one year...

  3. One of the best designs to come out in the last decade. Definitely top 10

  4. At a buck-fifty a pack this is a no-brainer for sure. At 5 bucks a pack I had no problem resisting them.

  5. loved this set-hard to thnk o Robitaille as a Red Wing

  6. Thanks for your input guys! Glad you liked it.


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