Thursday 7 July 2011

Favorite Cards: 1992-93 Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky

We've been having a few really warm days in a row, I hope it keeps up!

I've been strangely on a Gretzky kick lately; strange because I never really cared for him before.  I remember my uncles calling him a weiner... although it was my cousins favorite player. Ahh feels so long ago.

Here's one of my favorite cards from my collection, Wayne Gretzky #25 from the 1992-93 Upper Deck set.

Earlier in the week I was looking through the Upper Deck 92-93 set I own and it brought back a ton of memories, I think there's a lot of great shots in this Upper Deck set from the early 90's of some very prestige superstars playing in the NHL during that era.  The Gretzky card is just one example in my opinion.

 Look at those stats!  The back photo is unique as well, Gretzky and his daughter Paulina pose for a family moment photo-op in the Los Angeles Kings dressing room (all together, "awwww").   I too remember the denim overalls fad all TOO well Paulina.

I did a Google search and here is what she looks like now.  2 years to be exact but I'm sure looks about the same.

Fingers crossed for a mail day tomorrow.


  1. This is my favourite card of all time. Great post

  2. How much is one of these worth ? I have one in medium condition


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