Wednesday 27 July 2011

2010-11 Zenith Hockey

As I was passing the sports store this morning I went inside to test my luck on the newest 2010-11 Zenith cards.  I was kinda taken aback by the price and considered two packs of something else instead, but eventually gave in and purchased a pack anyway.  Personally I'm not sure if I can justify buying a single of this product.

Received a beautiful snow white decoy card in the middle, I think they're inserted into every non-memorabilia pack. Or at least I hope so and I wasn't just foiled!

5 cards per pack, here's the pull.

#51 - Jarome Iginla.  Best player from the break.

#75 - Shea Weber. Weber is a beast with a menacing slap shot.

#18 - Zach Parise.  Future captain of the Devils?

#132 - Derek Sanderson.  My favorite card from the break.  Sanderson was a tough guy in the leauge with a unfortunate but interesting story of substance abuse and bad investments that eventually led him to sleeping on the streets of Boston penniless.  His story concludes with a happy ending; With help from Bobby Orr and the citizens of Boston, Sanderson beat his addictions and became a professional sports broadcaster.  He is currently Vice President and Senior Investment Professional with an organization for young athletes.  Here's an interesting interview from Sanderson in 1971 about 'the fans':

#9 - Dustin Brown. 

Sometimes it doesn't always feel like you get what you give.  I guess it's all in the luck of the draw.  On the other hand the cards look great; simple looking.  I also really like the penciled look that the players have to them.  The legend cards are my favorite from the base set and I was lucky to pull one of them from this 5 card pack.


  1. That Sanderson card is very nice!

  2. For sure, I really like those Legend cards.

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