Sunday 1 April 2012

Cards From Cardboarded

I've been neglecting the blog; just haven't been picking up much hockey stuff recently.  The TTM bug has bitten me again so I've been steady motivated to pen out as many letters as my right hand can handle.  And my other collecting hobbies have weaved in and out of my life lately.

I received my end of a trade with Paul over at Cardboarded earlier last week; I sent a few Jimmy Howard cards his way and in return he sent me a few Paul Kariya cards that he had kicking around.

He also helped me out in the delivery process of a Ryane Clowe card that I wanted but could only be shipped within the United States.  But I'll get to those goods in a later post.

My secondary player collection of Paul Kariya has been coming along fairly nicely - for a collection who I decided to put on the back burner several weeks ago I've still been picking up number 9 from time-to-time; I would estimate that I'm now nearing 300 Paul Kariya cards at the moment.

Paul Kariya 2001-2002 Be A Player In The Game 'Team Scoring Legends' - TSL-01

Here's a Kariya game-used jersey piece from a decade ago; it would be considered two colors since there's a smiggion of dark fabric towards the right corner of the swatch.

Paul also sent a stack of Kariya cards along with the game used piece.  None of which I had already owned and all in a Mighty Ducks jersey.

Paul Kariya 2003-04 Pacific Mary Turco's View From The Crease #1
Paul Kariya 1999-00 Upper Deck MVP SC Edition #2
Paul Kariya 1999-00 Upper Deck Sixth Sense #SS1

Paul Kariya 1999-00 Pacific Omega North American All-Stars Hockey #1
Paul Kariya 1999-00 Pacific Aurora #1
Paul Kariya 2003-04 Pacific Main Attractions #1
Paul Kariya 2001-02 Topps Shot Masters #SM10

Paul Kariya 1999-00 Upper Deck Ovation Lead Performers #LP3
Paul Kariya / Wayne Gretzky 2000-01 UD Heroes Player Idols #PI4
Paul Kariya 1998-99 UPD MVP  Snipers #S06
Paul Kariya 2000-01 Topps Own the Game #OTG4  

Paul Kariya 1999-00 Upper Deck MVP Hands Of Gold #H8
Paul Kariya 2002-03 Pacific Impact Zone #1

Thanks for the cards Paul :)

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  1. No problem! Glad the cards found a home in a great player collection, rather than my traders box.


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