Saturday 7 April 2012

Reader Contest: The Little Book of Hockey Sweaters

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Easter weekend and wake up to at least one solid chocolate bunny tomorrow.

Just wanted to show my appreciation to you guys, the readers of this blog - with a readers contest.  The gift is this hardcover book titled, "the Little Book of Hockey Sweaters", written by Andrew Podnieks, Rob Hynes and Anthony Jenkins.   The book is basically about the numbers that the players wear on their hockey jerseys and include a little background informaton on how they were initially assigned it and in some cases a short story on why they decided to wear their number to begin with.  It's more of a bathroom or coffee-table book that is easily picked up and read in 5-minute intervals.

All you have to do to enter yourself  in this giveaway is leave a comment; include an e-mail address for me to easily reach you as well please.

The contest closes on 14/04/2012

I shall update this post on 14/04/2012 with the winner.  All names will be randomly generated and one winner will be chosen.


  1. Hey Brad,

    Would love a shot at that book. Thanks very much for the contest.

    ps. I like the re-working you've done on your blog site

  2. I have one that is similar for baseball. I could use it to make sure my Sharks records are up to date. GO SHARKS!!

  3. Sounds Good - Thanks for the contest i'm in.
    Skroeker24 at

  4. Hi Brad: Count me in. Love reading those fun type of books

  5. Thank for the contest, love the blog!!! Count me in,

  6. Count me in!


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