Wednesday 8 February 2012

Belated Christmas Gift Update

I know, It's been almost two months since Christmas but I haven't been around much to post an update on the sweet gift my fiance gave to me.

Here's a five piece Pittsburgh Penguins Russian nesting dolls set circa - I'm not really sure, but judging by the players represented I'm going to guess mid-late 90s.

I was very surprised when I opened this up as I was totally unaware that these hockey nesting dolls existed.  Each hand painted dolls is sporting the '90s Penguins logo albit the same facial design.

The set includes Lemieux, Jagr, Kovalev, Kasparaitis and Straka - like Russian nesting dolls do, they each fit inside each other perfectly.

Just a quick update, thought I would share it with some people who I think would also enjoy it.


  1. What a cool gift. I'm surprised they chose a name as long as Kasparaitis to paint on one of the smaller ones!

  2. For the man who has everything ...


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