Sunday 12 February 2012

2011-12 Panini Pinnacle Break Pull

I've been picking up a few packs of 2011-12 cards here and there, mostly Upper Deck and Pinnacle - although the pack breaks have helped garner progress in the set collecting department, they haven't resulted in much "hit"-wise.
While out picking up a few things today I continued my sporatic pack breaking with several more packs of 2011-12 Upper Deck and Pinnacle.  Out of the Upper Deck, noteworthy would be the Colin Greening Young Guns #230 and a Canvas card of Patric Hornqvist #C49.

From the 2011-12 Pinnacle breaks I did manage to pull a card I thought was scan worthy:

Here's a 2011-12 Pinnacle Zenith "Yours Truly" Update #SA Sam Gagner on card auto.  Surprised would be the most accurate emotion to describe the feeling when I pulled this as I've given myself the unshakable impression there's a "never pull a decent card" cloud looming over my head.


  1. Nice to catch a break once in a while eh?

  2. Great pull and good timing, not many people playing better than Sam the past couple of weeks!

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    @shoeboxlegends Glad to hear Gagner is on a hot streak; just so happened I pulled another Gagner card I think is scan worthy earlier today.


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