Sunday 26 February 2012

Ryane Clowe Player Collection

Dedication to a Paul Kariya player collection has waned away rather quickly; I realized that there's just too much stuff - stuff I'll never have, stuff I'll never see and stuff I'd never be able to unload that kind of money on.  There's also already many Paul Kariya PCs out there and some really really good ones.  But I still love the idea of player collecting and think the chase and adventure would be fun, so without further ado I've already began another collection, Ryane Clowe of the San Jose Sharks - a fellow native of Newfoundland.

This guy is tough as nails and can score.  He's also been a vital force in the Sharks lineup since his rookie season.

I've started a database and have uploaded what I currently have in my collection; yeah I know - right now it's looking pretty weak, weighing in at just 8 base cards and a sticker; but things will get better.  You can check out the status and the database of uploaded cards in my collection by clicking here or on the link to the right sidebar.

Maybe once I get further into collecting Clowe I'll branch off onto other Newfoundland players in the league; but one thing at a time.


  1. Nice choice, always liked him as a player. Not sure if I have any of his cards but I'll look around...

  2. As far as realizing there's too much out there, that happened with my Hasek PC and that's why I stopped working on it.

    Clowe should be a good one. He's probably got some decent stuff out there. Good luck!


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