Monday 13 February 2012

Paul Kariya Player Collection Starting Line

I've been admiring everyones 'player collections' recently - so much that it has sparked an interest inside me to make an attempt at starting my own.  Card collecting wise, starting my own 'player collection' has been the only thing that has been on my mind recently.

As you all can assume from the picture posted above (and title of this blog post), my player collection will be focused around the trading card career of my second favorite all-time player, Paul Kariya.  What a gem this guy was; just wish he hadn't skated his way down career ending, post-concussion syndrome alley.  My hockey fantasy dream was to see him suit up with the Penguins one day.

  • Do you have a 'player collection'?  Who?
  • Do you search out for every card or do you go a different colecting route?
  • How do you store your 'personal collection'?  Does it have it's own binder?  How about top-loaders; do you store them seperate from your others?
 Guess I'll go sort through my card collection and get a head start gathering up Kariya cards!


  1. Player collector - YES!

    Trevor Linden is my guy.

    I am a completist - I want one of EVERYTHING (sadly, with all the 1/1's out there, I know it will be impossible).

    I store my cards in top loaders except for memorabilia cards which are in one touch magnetic holders.

    Best of luck with the collection. Have fun and remember - it's not a race. Enjoy the journey.

    1. You have a top notch Linden collection my friend!

  2. Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, and Russ Martin are the three main PCs I have. Hockey-wise, Ryan Getzlaf is my big PC, and the center of my hockey collecting world.

    With the baseball guys, I want every card, and with Getz, I focus on autos, relics, and rookies, but grab base and inserts when I can.

    Base and inserts for all four guys are in binders, while hits and anything rare-ish end up in toploaders or magnetics (team bags as well for the good stuff).

    Have fun collecting Kariya! I'm a huge fan of his, considering how vital he was to the Ducks for so many years.

  3. I collect a lot of different stuff.

    I like 90's inserts and I am going after every insert set from 1995-1998. Lofty goals! I have some in my binders in pocket pages and the more rare stuff in top loaders in 1000 count boxes. I collect a lot of goalie inserts and food issues as well, these go in binders as well, some in 100 count plastic cases.

    My main player pc's are: Terry Sawchuk, Kirk McLean and Al Montoya. Base go in binders and everything else in top loaders and snap cases. I go after every card I can afford!

    I also have some minor pc's for 90's goalies. I keep these in pocket pages, so I can look at them often. I have about two binders now!

    Lastly my baseball/hockey through the mail autographs are sorted out in binders. I have about four now as I have been collecting through the mail for 8 years now!

  4. My Current Player Collection: Jimmy Howard

    I try to keep an updated want list of all the major trading card releases (i.e. UD, Panini, ITG) although I won't turn down the oddball kind of stuff (i.e. Adrenalyn, Stickers, Minor League stuff, etc).

    Right now, I store everything in top loaders (even the base cards). Some of the better ones I keep in one touches (like my 1/1 and some of the patch cards). They all stay together in one row of a monster box in my desk drawer.

    Kariya is a great choice. Good luck and have fun with it.

    1. I have something Howard for you, send me your address - I'll include a few other things as well I think you might like. bradparsons565 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. I don't collect cards as much as I used to, but I still have my collection from when I started out as a kid(90-91), and I buy a few packs here and there. My focus when I was younger(and to some extent today), was collecting my team, the New York Rangers. Adam Graves is my favorite player, and I'd say I have close to 100 of his cards(lots of doubles). I also have roughly 100 Wayne Gretzky's, and probably just as many Sergei Fedorov's(all from when he was with the Red Wings). I don't post much in the way of hockey on my blog, but I have been thinking about it, as I just busted 2 boxes of 90-91 upper deck(one low series and one high). Check it out if you'd like. BTW, I visit here and a few of the other hockey blogs(Shoebox Legends, Puck Junk etc.), almost daily, and I have to say I'm all of your blogs(which is why I have been thinking of adding hockey cards to my blog, or just start one pertaining strictly to hockey).

    1. Sounds like a nice lot of player collections! Gretzkys, Fedorovs and Graves. Glad you like the blog and continue to visit, means a lot. I've been to your blog several times before as I was looking for various 80s-90s toys as I have an interest as well in that sort of stuff.

      ps. I wasn't able to find a link to your Upper Deck break on your website.

    2. I haven't put the break up on my blog yet. But I plan on posting it tonight(probably my favorites from both boxes). When I do post it(probably before 10pm eastern time), let me know what you think.


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