Tuesday 10 April 2012

1993-94 Upper Deck Series 1 All Rookie Team Eric Lindros #280

Several months ago I signed up to an on-line rewards website called Swagbucks.  Has anyone else heard of it?  You basically earn points by doing web searches from their website, answering polls, completing surveys and watching video clips.  In turn you can redeem those points in their online web store to purchase a variety of things, free shipping - trading cards included.

So I switched over from Google to Swagbucks as my search engine for a couple days and pretty soon I had earned enough 'bucks' to order a card.  There wasn't much of a selection to choose from under the hockey card category but I had my eyes set on this:

1993-94 Upper Deck All Rookie Team
Eric Lindros #280

I've always liked the stop frame action against the dark background design to these cards and as I can remember were a hit to pull when I was a kid.  I remember having a Bure All-Rookie Team card like this but I think it was from the year previous.

Anyway story short, I ordered it.

The day came when my Swagbucks ordered arived.  I can't recall how long I had waited but it was somewhere around two weeks. 

Every order comes with this card you use to show your Swagbucks order with in a picture as a proof of purchase; send the picture of yourself and your item to the e-mail listed on the card and you earn a few bonus points.  I threw my card out awhile a go so this is a scan I found on Google images.

As for the actual card that I received, remember Eric Lindros Upper Deck All-Rookie Team - I didn't get it.  Instead as a replacement of sort I'm assuming, I was sent:

1992-93 Fleer Ultra
Eric Lindros #157

This Lindros card from the 92-93 Fleer Ultra set.  I already have this card in my collection but I've always really liked it and treasured it growing up, especially in the Lindros rookie era.  Still have it kept in a top loader.

I like the helmetless young Lindros and oddly enough - I think it shows Lindros' burliness.

The backs of the Fleer Ultra series were my favorite during the early 90s as well; featuring a simple full body and head shot of the player.  Fleer Ultra only included the last seasons and career stats but I guess it was to leave more room spotlighting the photography.

I was surprised that I didn't receive the card that I had ordered but overall pleased with the card that they decided to replace it with.

Just wanted to do a trial run on the website and it worked out.  If you're bored and looking to receive some snail mail containing free trading cards I would recommend it.


  1. I use it... haven't earned enough for anything I want yet... I think when they show a card they also say it might not be the card shown... possibly the reason you didn't get that card... anyone who wants to join, use my referral link please! http://swagbucks.com/refer/KyleZaps

  2. I might have to check swagbucks out. Do they charge shipping and handling?

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