Tuesday 3 April 2012

Dual Ryane Clowe PC Additions

Some unexpected mail awaited me when I got off work tonight; as it turned out it was a couple of Clowe cards that I had won off eBay several weeks ago that had gotten lost in my recent splurge of purchases, as well as in the back off my mind somewhere apparently.

2011-12 Limited Jumbo Materials Jersey Numbers Prime #24 - Ryane Clowe #ed/10

Another game used card to add to the PC; fact: I've yet to add an auto.  As for this card, being limited to just 10 copies I felt like I had to jump on it before it was too late.  With any cards with a limited pressing under 50 I always feel like if I don't get it now - well who knows, I might never see it again!  In retrospect it's most likely that I'll see it turn up again in the future.  Anyway long story short, bids were placed and in the end I was happily able to secure this one into my collection.

2011-12 Limited Materials #91 Ryane Clowe #ed/99

I've seen this one pop up online quite a few times since I've started my Clowe collection and have put it aside, saving my bidding dough on something else.  Mind you I search up Clowe cards on a daily basis, my watch list is sitting at about 85% Ryane Clowe material.  The card is numbered out of /99 and features a plain grey swatch.  I posted about the Prime version of this card in my last post

I've been fooling around with the blog, changed up the header and removed some unnecessary links from the sidebar.

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