Thursday 15 September 2011

1996-97 Pinnacle Mint Collection

Along with the 92-93 Upper Deck packs I picked up, I also bought the last remaining pack of these 1996-97 Pinnacle Mint Collection from the card store.  For only a $1.50 I thought it was well worth the pickup, again just for the novelty and nostalgic rip value.  Only 30 cards and 30 coins in the set with a chance of pulling silver and gold chase cards and also nickel-silver, gold-plated, fine silver and 24KT gold coins.

Pavel Bure #7 of 30 - Here's an example of the regular base cards from the set;  as you can see the coin panel is an empty slot.  Out of the thee cards that you receive in a pack I could have done A LOT worse than pulling Bure although it feels like I have this card already somewhere.  The cards range from Lemieux to Jim Campbell.

Keith Tkachuk #19 of 30 / Gold Team Card - The other two cards were of Keith Tkachuk, regular base and his Gold Team card.  Gold Team cards are inserted 1:48 packs so I guess this was pure coincidence that I received Tkachuk base and parallel.  I think I might have this card somewhere already as well; when I was 12 I was all about Keith Tkachuk and the Phoenix Coyotes and collected him.

Brett Hull and Chris Osgood - There are two coins per pack neatly placed in a black holder inside the pack; I guess you can say "the carpet doesn't match the drapes" as far as what I pulled because I received neither coin that matched the cards I received.

That's all for the Pinnacle Mint Collection, hope you enjoyed it and brought back some collector memories.


  1. I remember those... I have like ten of the coins sitting around somewhere and who knows how many cards with holes in them...

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