Saturday 17 September 2011

TTM Success! Dion Phaneuf

Well to be honest when I sent this custom away in the mail I didn't really expect to have it returned; but here it is, back in my hands and signed by one of the NHL's top hitters of today.

A few sharpie scratches over his image (my fault for choosing a dark image) from Dion, I can see an 'I' in there - but even so I'm still happy to have this returned even if the signature is a little unidentifiable.
Initially my hopes were that if he would sign the custom at all it would be on this side of the card:

I made sure that there was more white on this side, oh well - no big deal and what's done is now done.  I like how I've been designing my most recent customs; which include more space for the signature and the images have been in color.

Anyway thank you Mr Phaneuf for making it signed custom number 5 in my collection.


  1. Very, very nice. I've been considering starting a Phaneuf PC for this season.

  2. Do it up! Phaneuf is an exciting player to follow, one of my favorites at the moment.


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