Friday 23 September 2011

2011-12 Upper Deck Hockey Artifacts

The second trading card product of the 2011-12 hockey season was released today, Upper Deck Hockey Artifacts.  Fleury is the cover-boy for the product this year, a nice little change from Crosby, Toews or Hall.  Each pack includes 4 cards and advises me to watch out for 'tons of great hits!'

Ryan Kesler #17 - I find the past two or three years Artifacts haven't really changed much up about the design of their cards; basically this years design is a mashup of last years and 2010-11 release in my perspective.  The first card pulled from the pack was Kesler; solid player, exciting card if you were a Canucks fan I suppose.

Tyler Myers # 57 - Always happy to find a Tyler Myers card so this was a plus.

New York Islanders Artifacts Rookie Redemption - My first ever redemption card.  Rookie Redemption cards are inserted 1:10, I'm kinda disappointed that it wasn't an actual card that was in the pack - now I'm going to have to wait 12-16 weeks from the date of the start of the 2011/12 NHL season just to receive my card.  I wonder who it will be...

Thomas Vokoun #29 - The final card was Thomas Vokoun from the Florida Panthers; a few interesting facts about Vokoun on the back of his card - Vokoun led the NHL with 11 losses in oveertime and shootouts in 2010-11, and finished the season in 16th place in NHL history with 16, 957 career saves.  He ranks sixth all-time with his .917 save percentage.

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