Tuesday 27 September 2011

2010-11 Pinnacle Value Packs Rip

By chance I'm getting pretty close to completing the set of Panini 2010-11 Pinnacle release; so I decided on a whim to pick up two of these value packs earlier in the week to help cut down the want list even further.

Out of the 80 cards that I unwrapped I only came up with three that I needed for my collection and another three parallels/inserts - one pack was literally a mirror of the other, exactly the same cards were included in each aside from a parallel.  I couldn't believe it, I wonder how they package these value packs.

Scott Gomez #92 - What I love most about this Pinnacle set are the action photos displayed on the cards; here's an airborne Scott Gomez.

Ryan Callahan #69 - Callahan was the second card that I pulled from the value packs that I didn't already have.

Dan Hamhuis #12 - The third card was Dan Hamhuis, not familiar with the name to be honest.

Luke Adam / Ice Breakers / Rink Collection #210 - It kinda made up for having so many dupes when I pulled this.  Like myself Adam is a native of Newfoundland, Canada, I don't have many (if any) cards of him in my collection. so again this was a nice addition.

Daniel Sedin #13 / Rink Collection - The second parallel was this Daniel Sedin, not bad!

Henrik Zetterberg / Milan Lucic / Team Pinnacle #8 - Pinnacle decided to bring back the Team Pinnacle insert set with them for the ride; I'm a fan of Lucic so this pull from the value packs made me happy.

So after the value packs I'm down to 46 cards until the finish line. I'll do up a want list soon and post it, hopefully someone can help me out with wrapping this baby up.   I have plenty of doubles, triples and even quads of base cards from the set now - so if you're looking for anything let me know.

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