Thursday 1 September 2011

Henri Richard, Wendel Clark and Johnny Bower Send-offs

Had some time to spare this morning so I put together another four customs to send-off and hopefully have returned and signed as part of my TTM collection.  I've been watching a lot of the Legends of Hockey series lately so I did Henri Richard and Johnny Bower customs.  The Clark card came after watching the 1993 second round playoff series between the Leafs and Blues; and what a series it was.

And if you've noticed there's a fourth card in the photo; Pat Falloon.  For some odd reason, I was on a Falloon kick earlier in the week, reading about his career and what happened to him after the NHL - I even found myself digging out my Pat Falloon hockey cards!  So I decided to create a custom for him to have sent off and hopefully returned signed - but sadly I was unable to find a valid address for the guy.  I even tried sending a Facebook message to his mom (at least I think it was)!  She has yet to get back to me.

The reverse of the cards are underneath the cut.

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