Sunday, 7 August 2011

1996-97 Upper Deck Collector's Choice 3 Star Selections

Inspired by a previous post over at Card Boarded and again as I was organizing my box of cards just earlier today, I wanted to post a feature on a favorite sub-set of mine from the 1996-97 Upper Deck Collector's Choice set that has been carried on over in the series through the years.

The '3 Star Selection' sub-set included 28 cards that featured 3 of the top players from each (26) team in the leauge; additionally 2 of the cards from the sub-set featured the top 3 players from the Eastern and Western Conference All-Star teams.

These were my favorite cards to pull from the Collector's Choice packs as a young collector.  After all my cards have been through, I feel lucky to sill have them in my collection.

St. Louis Blues - Brett Hull / Wayne Gretzky / Al Macinnis.  Pretty solid lineup here!  Gretzky would play briefly with St Louis, 31 games to be exact.  I don't have many cards with Gretzky in a Blues uniform.

New York Islanders - Eric Fichaud / Zigmund Palffy / Todd Bertuzzi.  I liked Fichaud as an Islander but he never lived up to the expectations his fantastic junior career had led to.  Palffy was another personal favorite of mine during these years, I was excited to see him represent Slovakia again during the 2010 Olympics.

Boston Bruins - Cam Neely / Ray Bourque / Adam Oates.  Another team with a very solid 3 star selection.  I really like those Bruins 3rd jerseys.

Winnipeg Jets - Keith Tkachuk / Alexei Zhamnov / Oleg Tverdovsky.  I collected Tkachuk and Phoenix cards for a while back in the day, I have a nice few Tkachuk and Tverdovsky cardboards in my albums.

Calgary Flames - Theoren Fleury / Trevor Kidd / Michael Nyander.  Kidd had a nice mask and pads ensemble going on.

Hartford Whalers - Brendan Shanahan / Sean Burke / Geoff Sanderson.

New Jersey Devils - Scott Stevens / Martin Brodeur / Steve Thomas.

Dallas Stars - Todd Harvey / Joe Nieuwendyk / Mike Modano.  Harvey was a top prospect that went 9th overall in the 93 draft; like Fichaud he was never able to live up to his expectations.

Pittsburg Penguins - Ron Francis / Petr Nedved / Jaromir Jagr.  No Mario, Lemieux missed the entire season due to health issues.  Also want to mention that Jagr is one of three players selected for the 3 Star Selections from these scans active in the National League today (along with Brodeur and Bertuzzi).

Philidelphia Flyers - John Leclair / Mikael Renberg / Ron Hextall.  Lindros was not included on the card although he did put up some big numbers during the season.

That's all that I seem to have or could find!  If you have any of these cards that you wouldn't mind trading, let me know in a comment.


  1. I have the Chicago Blackhawks card with Chelios, Roneick and Daze somewhere in my collection.

  2. hi. I the card that you have(top left) brett hull, wayne gretzky, al macinni.
    I don't know anything about hockey cards and i wanted to get rid of it. how much you think it is worth?

    1. You could probably get $0.50-1.50 for it on eBay. It's a nice card with three HOFers on it but Collectors Choice is't worth much; there seems to be a more nostalgic value to these 'wax junk' cards than profit.

    2. Hey Brad, i've got a binder full of hockey cards from 1990-2003 & a friend of mine took the time to go through them & put what their value was @ that time, which was 10yrs ago now. Does the value generally increase, decrease, or remain about the same a decade later?

  3. I have the Winnipeg Jets card-Keith Tkachuk/Alexei Zhamnov/Oleg Tverdovsky & its signed byTkachuk &Tverdovsky. I'm looking to sell it, along with the rest of my collection of hockey cards from 1990-2003. if interested

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