Wednesday 3 August 2011

TTM Success! Don Cherry

Received my first ever TTM success earlier today from Mr Don Cherry on a custom card that I had made just for him.  He signed both sides of the card and even personalized it for me.  Thank you Don for pulling through! 

He also responded to my letter and sent along a few other things as well, check it all out under the cut.

Along with the card I sent a letter that included a question, asking him if he could remember what he was thinking as he was having his photograph taken in the Boston Bruins jersey (photograph on the front of the card).  I was very happy to receive a written response from him and also confirming that he did take the time to read what I had written.
Hi Brad, I know what I was thinking  I was very sad as I was being sent
down to the minors that day.  I never made it back as a player
but I did as a coach.  All the best Brad, Don.
Reading that made me a little sad to be honest.

Mr Cherry also sent a few other signed promotional items, all of them personalized :)

This was what the letter he had written was on.

Great return, more than I had imagined!  Very happy to have at least one success so far, hopefully more to come in the future.


  1. Awesome stuff. I like the custom card you made, great choice for the photo and Bruins logo.

  2. Fantastic return from Don Cherry!

  3. Don is a great guy and loves his fans. Glad to see you were more than impressed with what you got back! Oddly enough, I wrote Ron at the same time (9 months ago) and still haven't received anything back.


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