Friday 12 August 2011

Mail Day! 2008-09 National Hockey Card Day Lot

I wasn't as much excited about receiving these today as I was to actually receive them in general.  I've been waiting for over a month for these cards to arrive in my mailbox and was almost sure that the seller had ripped me off.

I bought this lot from eBay for a cent + shipping charges.  The set of these cards from th 2008-09 national Hockey Card day promotion seems to go for about $8-15 online.   The set was comprised of the top rookies, stars and legends of the game.  Upper Deck are currently at work putting together the 2012 set; looks like it will be based around memorable moments of Canadian-born players.

HCD6 - Sidney Crosby.  Essentially the reason for my bid was to have this card.

HCD7 - Vincent Lecavalier.  Lecavalier has represented Team Canada a total number of 4 times in international play.

HCD9 -  Joe Sakic.  I think I'm on the edge of a Sakic kick as of late.

HCD10 - Martin Brodeur.

HCD15 - Don Cherry.

HCD2 - Kyle Turris.  People seem to think Turris is poised to breakout this upcoming season; others say that he was picked eight slots to high, I guess time will only tell.

And that was it for the lot!  Just a few scans of the newest cards I've added to my collection.

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