Tuesday 9 August 2011

Mail Day! 1996-97 Score Sudden Death Wayne Gretzky vs Felix Potvin

Another Sudden Death card to add to the collection, making it 6/15 - still a long ways to go.  Like most cards featuring The Great One, this card books in at the highest value from the set. I got it for a steal at 0.99 (+2.50 shipping)/  It features a faceoff against Wayne Gretzky and Felix Potvin.

Like all of the cards from Sudden Death, the reverse shows another two fantastic photos of the dualers.  It also points out how much of a nightmare Gretzky had been in the eyes of Potvin in those past three seasons, accumulating a total of 16 points when "The Cat" manned the pipes for the Leafs.

Happy to have this one in my hands.  The sender also sent along another card which was unexpected but appreciated;

It was a 1991-92 Upper Deck Wayne Gretzky Award Winners hologram.  I remember these!  Great card, very nice hologram - another Gretzky card is always welcomed into my collection.

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